"Size Matters", Amanda. Director: Stacia Black
"Gilffriends", (1 episode) - Singer
"Spanish Fly"
"The Debut", Rose Mercad
"As Good As It Gets",  Caterer

Films for Justin Whiteman at The American Film Institute:
"Blaine's Song" - Anne
"Displacement" - Patient
"Chasing Belle" - Jessica


Dramatic Television:
Just Legal (WB) - Interpreter
"Women's Health on Lifetime" - Lifetime's Original Channel

Comedy Appearances:
Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen - NBC
Filter Holiday Hit List - G4TechTV
Inside Joke - SiTV
Latino Laugh Festival - SiTV
Friday Night - NBC
Destination Stardom - PAX TV


"Vagina Monologues" (2003)
Cal State Long Beach
Premiered the piece entitled "Crooked Braid" about a Native American woman who was abused by her drunken, cheating husband.

"Faces of America" (1997-1999)
A one person show with the Will & Company theatre group. It is a challenging piece in which Bernadette portrays 9 culturally diverse characters.

Bellfolower Theater Production
Cast as the character "Jan"

Comedy Venues

Comedy Venues
Bernadette has performed at many of the premier Comedy Venues as well as many colleges and universities across the country:

Improv - Hollywood, Brea, Ontario, Irvine
Ice House - Pasadena
Laugh Factory - Los Angeles